Respondents Needed in 3 Open Surveys

Adoption Surveys currently has 3 open surveys for the public. If the survey applies to you or someone you know, please feel free to share the links provided.  Anonymity is guaranteed and results are posted on the Adoption Surveys WordPress page as well as respective accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Three currently open surveys:

1.) Were you in the US Foster Care System for at least 1 cumulative year or longer? This survey may apply to you:

Former Foster Youth Perceptions in Foster Care

2.) Were you adopted by a biological family member in a Kinship Adoption? This survey may apply to you:

Adult Adoptee Perceptions in Kinship Adoption

3.) Are you a father who had a child placed for adoption? This survey may apply to you:

Natural/Birth Father Perceptions in Infant Adoption


For further reading about who Adoption Surveys is and how results are shared, please visit our About section or click on the link, About.

Thank you,

Adoption Surveys Team





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