Who is Adoption Surveys?

We are an adoptee/birth mom team that formed in the late summer of 2017. With a combined 7 decades of lived adoption experience, we were frustrated to find that there is little accessible research regarding real-life issues that adoptees and birth moms face.

In an effort to give the truly voiceless in adoption a voice, Adoption Surveys was born. Though we are educated and productive individuals, we are not trained in the field of research. We have been disappointed that adoption-related research has only skimmed the surface and side-stepped the more intimate reaches of the lived adoption experience.

Questions presented by Adoption Surveys are sensitive in nature and deeply personal. Each survey has been crafted with the help of advisers who have lived experience in the topic at hand. We are thankful to our supporters, advisers, and respondents.

There is no money involved in Adoption Surveys. Advisers are not paid. Surveys are not sponsored. Respondents are free to speak. Researchers are free to use our work.

We only ask that you reference our name and take our results to heart.

Thank you,

Adoption Surveys Team


Stephanie Mays Staats is an adoptee in reunion. She is also a natural mother who has had an extremely open adoption for 28 years.

She is a volunteer search angel and founder of New York Adoptions: Uncovering the Secrets and authors the blog Bleeding Hearts: Uprooted and Transplanted by Adoption. She is a member of AZ Adoption Circle and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Saving Our Sisters and the Advisory Board for Dear Adoption,. She is also the co founder of Family Preservation 365. She is a staunch advocate for Family Preservation and adoptee rights.

Katie Nelson Burns is a natural mother in a semi-open Adoption since 1999.

She is a stay at home mom who home schools. She is founder of The Family Preservation Project and she currently serves on the Board of Directors for Saving Our Sisters and at a local pregnancy center.


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